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Ange Noir XXI, a fragrance that exudes sexiness and mystery, is the epitome of allure and fascination. With its seductive aroma and enigmatic character, this fragrance invites you into a world of captivating intrigue and undeniable sensuality.

Ange Noir XXI Parfum 100ml, Extrait de Parfum

  • Wearing Ange Noir XXI is like donning a cloak of mystery, allowing you to embrace your inner seductress and confidently command attention wherever you go. Whether it be an intimate evening affair or a night out on the town, this perfume wraps you in an aura of sexiness and intrigue, leaving those around you longing for more.  

    Top Notes: Green Apple, Galbanum 

    Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Black Violet

    Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Cedar, and Musk


    Made in Dubai, UAE

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