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Pink Peony

The secret of our scents

Tomavicci is blessed to work with world-renowned perfumers, such as Christian Provenzano, Angela Stavrevska and Yusuf Bhai. We are proud to have these noses behind our initial release of fragrances and for the many projected to be released soon.. Under their guidance, our team of perfume and cologne designers harvests premium ingredients from around the world. They are then distilled in natural oils and bottled by hand at our facilities in the Middle East and Italy. The end result? Distinctive yet subtle fragrances that are never overpowering, yet capable of leaving a lasting impression on the wearer, and those around them.


1 (800) 590-7213  Our mailing address is : 20015 South LaGrange Road, #1345 Frankfort, IL 60423

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