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Immense yourself in the allure of luxury and let it become an exquisite reflection of your own personal style. Zenobia is a symphony of opulent notes meticulously blended to perfection. Unveil a sensorial journey that transcends ordinary realms.

Zenobia Parfum 100ml, Extrait de Parfum

Expected to ship by the second week of May, 2024
  • A harmonious blend of luxurious notes that will awaken your inner Zen. Indulge in the exquisite allure of Zenobia by Tomavicci, where luxury meets artistry. 

    Top Notes: Black Currant and Orange Blossom

    Middle Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Syrian Royal Jasmine, Orchid, and Turkish Rose

    Base Notes: Amber, Saffron, Leather, Moroccan Cedarwood, and Oud


    Made in Dubai, UAE

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