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Take the opulence of Tomavicci with you, wherever you may go. The Tomavicci travel sprays are perfect for travel, your purse or briefcase, and the office.


Immerse yourself in the allure of luxury and let it become an exquisite reflection of your own personal style. Zenobia is a symphony of opulent notes meticulously blended to perfection. Unveil a sensorial journey that transcends ordinary realms.

Zenobia Parfum 10ml Travel Spray with Elegant Luxe Box, Extrait de Parfum

  • A harmonious blend of luxurious notes that will awaken your inner Zen. Indulge in the exquisite allure of Zenobia by Tomavicci, where luxury meets artistry. 

    Perfumer: Angela Stavrevska

    Top Notes: Black Currant and Orange Blossom

    Middle Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Syrian Royal Jasmine, Orchid, and Turkish Rose

    Base Notes: Amber, Saffron, Leather, Moroccan Cedarwood, and Oud


    Made in Dubai, UAE

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